Energy Monitoring & Efficiency Optimization

The most cost effective and reliable , state of the art , Energy Monitoring System, that can monitor real time and stores historical power data for analysis of energy generation and consumption. Thus to improve ships power efficiency, save on fuel cost and reduce Environmental Footprint.

  • Most Cost Effective and Reliable Energy Monitoring System for your ship
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption by Minimize Engine Idle / Low Load Running.
  • Increase Ships Operational and Power Efficiency and reduce Carbon Foot Print.
  • Helps to improve and train best operating practices for Ship Crew concerning the Energy Efficiency mode Operation.
  • Simple & Effective solution for vessel energy monitoring.
  • Plug & play Options supporting, easy and fast Installations even by Ship Crew there by reducing the huge Installation cost included.
  • Pre-programmed Graphical views for Easy interface and Connect to go the Applications.
  • Free Remote Technical Support and Installation Instruction Manual for ship crew.
  • SD card for historical data storage and log options.
  • Data available on Modbus.
  • Remote View from Ship Owners Office for Monitoring , Analyzing and Optimizing.
  • Pre- Programmed , factory customized and tested Meters & Devices .