Preventive Maintence


Preventive maintenance provides companies with several important benefits related to costs, errors, and health and safety.

These benefits include:

  • Improved reliability and life of equipment
  • Fewer costly repairs and downtimes associated with unexpected equipment failure
  • Fewer errors in operations as a result of equipment working incorrectly
  • Reduced health and safety risks.

The Applications scenario is as below.

  • The approach is basically for systems & equipment’s running with Electrical and Automation systems
  • The Process find outs to eradicates its related faults that can occur with the support of Designed Software & Hardware , Tools and Technologies Data Logging and Mining to know and access the systems and its functions.
  • Verifications of the Manuals , Preparing Testing & Operation Procedure’s with the onsite Inspections.
  • Conducting Tests and System Checks .
  • Preparing Reports with suggestions to Improve.
  • Conducting Technical Training and Operator Assistances for Electrical and Automation systems