Amphicos Engineering Services LLC is a team of seasoned Electrical & Automation Engineering experts with decades of extensive experience in multi various fields of Land, Marine, Oil & Gas and trading.

The present Industrial area flooded with technologies and solutions to make more efficient and automated systems to deliver best products and services. The results and need are same in all sectors.

  • Land Based Industrial Sectors – Factories , Process & Productions Plants , Governments etc.
  • Marine & Offshore – Ship / Yatch / Platforms New Building , DP Offshore Support Vessels etc.
  • OIL & Gas Industries – Process & Construction Plants , Oil Rigs & Platforms .

Apart from that the environmental safety and need to reduce the carbon foot prints are equally high important as keeping the business interest.

For this we need to carefully approach the design and engineering of systems to help and support the customer to achieve the best solution and result meeting all Industrial standards , classification rules and regulations including the most recent rule amendments along with a system which is effective ,stable and fault tolerant .

We can support you on this and provide you solutions as listed or more